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About us

ETC, Malaysia, was established in the year 2019.

ETC is registered and approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Education as a training center under Education Institution Registration Regulations 1997 with registration certificate no.:WZ50024

The hallmark of our reputation is the unmistakable interest we take in the overall welfare of our students. In addition to quality and adequate class teaching-learning facilities and resources, we are dedicated to providing excellent student services at our center.

Expert Training Center was established to provide training in both qualifications for new trainees, and development for those on the job and aspire to improve their career levels, we have taken it upon us in the center of expertise to transfer experiences to others, using experienced people who are qualified with certificates and practical experience in the field of work and teaching to make our training practical and appropriate To the future needs of the current market.


our vision 

To have a positive impact on  the society and nation by providing the best training experience for an individual to achieve better in their lives. 

our mission

To help each individual developing their personal or working skills by providing them with the right knowledge and lessons from our experties.


We are a training institution that seeks to put a footprint in the field of human resource development for all entities, companies, bodies and individuals according to specific training plans, to provide a distinguished training service that combines the needs of the labor market with everything new in the field of training programs and global conferences.

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