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Expert Training: Graphic Design & Multimedia Course in Malaysia

Nowadays, in Malaysia and in fact all over the world, some of the most popular fields that are being actively pursued are Graphic Design and Multimedia. Especially in the middle of the pandemic, the significance of technology has peaked with the increasing demand of IT expertise. As if to further acknowledge the generation of millennial with rapid technology development, Graphic Design and Multimedia easily became valuable in the job market.

Multimedia, which refers to the use of artistic or communicative media has become a crucial medium of expression and communication. In the form of audio and video, you can express nearly anything via the media to reach a huge group of audience in a short period of time.

Prominently, this multimedia course is designed to ensure the students to develop the critical reflective skills and knowledge of theories and methodologies relevant to current practice in the industry.

Thus, if you’re interested in pursuing your career in something related to digital communication, you may want to consider some of the possible careers you could venture including graphic design, advertising, web design, web production, social media management and other communication-related occupations.

While Multimedia course focuses on the wide scope of expressive communication, on the other hand, Graphic Design course could be trickier for some, due to the fact how restricted their work is, as it highlights on the importance of a static image or appearance to convey messages unlike the more explicit and obvious Multimedia course.

In Graphic Design, to make your expression stands out from all the other posts, you’ve got to have mad skills in your visuals and illustration.

Graphic design is essentially about creating appealing visual aids in order to gain attention from a particular group of audience, which can also be addressed as the ‘target audience’. You can find graphic design everywhere around you, from the latest movie poster to the labelling of your favourite candies.

When you think about it, everywhere we go; be it on the street, the door of convenience store, and even on our phone, it’s normal to see so many commercials and advertisements! But have you ever stopped to take a closer look at any of those scattered ads and think about how much effort has been put into a single, still image?

One illustration that was on the pamphlet that you threw into the garbage can after you took a quick glance is very likely to have gone through weeks or months of crafting. From brainstorming, to designing, to colour scheming, drafting, editing, and more things have to be done before they could finally be released to the public. That was a lot of hard work!

By signing up for Graphic Design course at Expert Training Center, you’ll get to learn how to create a graphic design that is powerful for the target audience through the media, in the sense of being engaging enough to capture the audience’s interest to spend time understanding the message behind the visuals, or even better, persuasive enough to act as a call of action for the targeted group.

Graphic Design can be a rather broad field to explore. Crafting a compelling and impactful visual usually requires more than just distinctive illustration and drawing skills. Other factors like layout, colour, typography, word choices and pragmatic understanding also contribute towards creating a compelling and powerful image for the intended audience.

In fact, some of the common subjects that you will likely be required to take in a Graphic Design course include Art History, Typography, Colour Theory, Illustration, Web Design, Advertising Principles, Photography and Creative Writing.

The duration for a student to complete their course Malaysia, specifically the Certificate in Multimedia and Graphic Design, is only one year long for each. Though, usually the courses in other academic institutions could stretch for as long as 2 to 2 and a half years.

While one year at Expert Training Center may feel like it falls short compared to the others, best believe that you will get all the knowledge and lessons you’re looking for… as long as you always remain invested mentally throughout the programme, of course.

The institution has gained many attention and achievements, and the peak of their reputation is no other than the absolute interest they have in the overall welfare of their students. The entire organisation is resolute in providing exceptional student services at the center with quality and adequate teaching and learning facilities and resources.

Expert Training Center aims to influence the society and nation positively by providing the most productive training experience for an individual to strive and gain more in life.

If you’d like to develop your personal or working skills, you’re very much welcomed to sign up for the course as there will be a line of expertise who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with you!

Come and join the course now! You can check out their website at for more information and their Instagram account @expert_training_center_my for news and updates. For any enquiry, you can send them an email at or simply send a message via Whatsapp at +6010-9050291.

You are also very much welcomed to visit them in the capital, at the address Star Parc Point Commercial Centre, Jalan Genting Kelang, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Grab this golden opportunity to gain quality experiences and lessons while increasing your credibility for a brighter future. Sign up now and see you there!

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